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March 2023 Newsletter

Diverse group of people high fiving

It’s hard to believe we are already a few months into 2023 already! Over the last several months, we’ve been busy reflecting on the last six years since we’ve started WISR, planning for this year, and looking at WISR in the future.  

A More Inclusive Direction for WISR

WISR has always been focused on the elevation of women into leadership within the waste and recycling space – whether that is in industry, government, academia, supporting services such as technology and consulting, or just those who are interested. As we look to the future, we are expanding our focus, and realigning with the needs of our growing talent within the industry. To do so, WISR is expanding our mission and vision, development and content to support a wider range of diversity and inclusivity of all identities in the waste and recycling industry.    

WISR is committed to preserving the waste and recycling industry’s role as a key element of the circular economy. This requires diversity organization wide but specifically at the leadership level. WISR delivers the tools and network required to integrate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion based values into all facets of the waste and recycling industry


To diversify the decision makers in the solid waste and recycling industry by developing leaders at all levels


Empower our diverse community of members with tools and support to step into their own unique leadership style

To support this focus on broader national initiatives, we have made the hard decision to transition away from local chapters. One thing the pandemic taught us was that we were able to reach a broader audience when we didn’t draw boundaries with geographic lines. We do encourage our members to connect locally, and are here to support those local and regional networking opportunities between members and others within the industry.

At the broader national level, we continue to plan and provide opportunities for virtual professional and technical development opportunities, in-person networking at large conferences and virtual networking opportunities with others across the United States.  

Recycle Right for Climate 

In February, WISR was a co-applicant for a US EPA Recycling Education and Outreach Grant for a recycling campaign titled “Recycling RIght for Climate Challenge”. This project is a partnership between WISR, the California State Treasurer’s Office and the National Stewardship Action Foundation.  

Grant awards are expected in Summer/Fall of 2023.  

Our New Website!

In February, we launched our updated website.  Check it out at www.wisrwomen.org.

Katagraphics did an amazing job with the new website and we are thrilled to show it off. Kathy Amaral, owner of Katagraphics, is a big supporter of WISR.  Check out her company at https://whoami.katagraphics.com.  


It has always been important for WISR to keep our membership dues low.  We are excited to announce that as of April 1, we will be reducing our membership dues to $50/year.  You can sign up or renew your membership online at: http://wisrwomen.org/join/ 

As a 501C6 member benefit non-profit, our membership is individual.  However, if your organization or company has several members they would like to sign up, please contact us at info@wisrwomen.org.

Job’s Board

Did you know that WISR has a jobs board on our website?  If you are looking for a position, we post jobs on our board as well as the WISR LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  

If your company has a position to post, contact us at info@wisrwomen.org.  Proceeds from the jobs board posting provides funds to WISR to help keep our membership dues low. 


  1. Spring Professional Development Webinar Series

We are in the process of finalizing our spring professional development webinar series and will be announcing the dates and sign up information very soon.  This webinar is always free for members and a low fee to attend for non-members.  

  1. Waste Expo

WISR will also be at Waste Expo this year in New Orleans!  We will be hosting a happy hour reception close to the convention center.  We just secured our sponsor and will be finalizing details in April.  

  1. WISR “Office Hours”

On April 27th, we will be re-starting our monthly “office hours”.  Office Hours are a chance to connect with the WISR founders and members to be an open forum to meet virtually, and network.  We had some great conversations during office hours last year and are excited to do it again this year!  

Office Hours will occur typically on the last Thursday of the month at 11am PST.  


To keep our membership dues low, WISR relies on donations. If you or your company would like to donate to WISR, you can do so at: http://wisrwomen.org/donate/

Get Involved!

If you have any feedback, requests, would like to volunteer or just want to reach out, we would love to hear from you!  You can email us at info@wisrwomen.org, or contact the founders directly at erin@wisrwomen.org and rachel@wisrwomen.org.  

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Diverse group of people high fiving

March 2023 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe we are already a few months into 2023 already! Over the last several months, we’ve been busy reflecting on the last